10th December 2021

The words spoken here are about the current mood of the world.

The world is feeling worried and concerned about the unsettled nature of life at present. You were warned that disruption is necessary so that the new can be birthed and the formation of the New Earth can take form.

All that does not serve the betterment of the planet has to be destroyed, and the destruction will be uncomfortable to those who are unable to go with the flow. Recognise that you are living in momentous times of change. The changes do not happen over night but are a slow unfolding of a new reality, an ongoing development of the human race.

Fear and panic produces irrational behaviour. Many of those with power do not wish to relinquish it as their motivation in not for the betterment of all but the preservation of privilege. Resistance leads to violence and could lead to war, but that is not certain at this time.

By holding your own belief in your sensing of right action, and living each day with peace in your heart, you help the energies retain some balance. Joining in and indulging in the fear around does not help. Hold fast to the trust that this process has to run its course to assist the birthing of the ascending process, and believe and know that you are playing your part in that process.

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