13th December 2021

Inherent in understanding Universal Law is the knowledge of the Oneness of All.

There is little that cannot be achieved when clear intent is directed. Peace and harmony are not a far away dream, and is possible for those who inhabit the material world. All that is required is the will. Of course, by present standards this appears to be the “pipe dream” of the foolish day dreamers, but why not prefer that to the discord and conflict that prevails at present. Once again, when a united critical mass lives with that ideal, then a tipping point will be reached and the New Earth will take form.

This will not happen during the present lifetime, but as with all journeys, it starts with the first steps as people live up to their own ideals, living lives with kindness and good intent, avoiding the pit-falls of ego. Some will argue that this will never happen because of human nature, which seeks its own advantage with all the ugliness involved.

Holding the faith and playing your part is a challenge, but by lifting your aspiration to a higher calling, humanity will ascend to 5th dimensional reality, and critical mass will make it happen. Live your life true to yourself and not to please an outside source or dogma. It is through your own behaviour that you bring Heaven to Earth.

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