Belief in self.

28th November 2021

Belief in self is always a challenge.

While feeling separated from Source during a life in matter, the connection appears to be non-existent. The sheer density of matter overwhelms the subtlety of the divine source. It has to be your endeavour to crawl through all the potential that is offered by the physical world that the soul is able to learn from the challenges and this strengthens the creativity that is inherent in all beings.

The chakras are confronted one by one with the raising of energy. The flow increases in availability with each life, and the objective is to refine the vibration. There is a purpose to it all, and the way to realize it is by giving yourself those quiet times by going in on yourself and be still. That is the easiest way to feel reconnected to the Source. Working in the physical plane is the current purpose, to channel the high frequency energies into matter and this will increase the vibration of the planet towards the evolution of the human race and matter in tandem.

We mentioned before that there is a musical note with rises and falls through the chakras, so the clearer those chakras are the higher the frequency becomes, and this energy emanates from you.

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