30th December 2021

When all is done there will be a great rejoicing in the Universe that the Sons of Man have achieved their mission to spiritualise matter.

Evolution is working throughout the entire Universe from ancient birthing stars to the final burn out and disbursal of matter. The energies come together and create, then dissolve. It is similar to the annual growing cycle of plants. The essence stays dormant, takes in nutrient from the soil, sprouts forth into a life form, grows, flowers and then slowly retracts into another dormant state. There is a continuous pulse at work, of expansion and retraction, and you see through the microcosm the stupendous picture that is constantly evolving, taking new shape and form, and continues for infinity.

As Light Workers you are awake to your task that you are here to channel energies with awareness. To know to Who You Are. This awakening is happening and a period of dormancy is over. With awareness you are able to focus your mind towards issues that need attention in order to bring light and healing. Children are not guilty of harm when they are destructive, for they are ignorant and have to grow in awareness, to realise responsibility and right action. This is what is happening now. The great awakening and understanding of the stewardship of the planet. Through your being you serve mankind with your peace and calmness during these momentous times of change. Each will know where they need to be and are drawn to those areas of work. This can be global or in your own back yard. Grand gestures are not called for but speaking your own truth. Most importantly, have faith in the future.

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