31st December 2021

Belief in self is the way forward. Without it, self-sabotage tends to follow.

Seeking others to guide you when they can be as fallible as you, tends to muddy the thinking. By going inwards in stillness and peace, the way through any problem is there in your own inner wisdom which has been accrued through many lifetimes. We are speaking in this instance of emotional problems.

The peace you seek is of your own making. It is not something that is given you and requires only that you give yourself enough space daily just to be still and cut out the jangling world with its noise and distractions. So many are afraid of this peace that they cannot walk in natures without plugging their ears with noise, failing to hear or see the natural gifts which speak all around.

As you go forward in your quest for enlightenment much is already there awaiting your notice. Try to avoid cluttering your every moment with distraction, and certainty of your own truth will shine forth with confidence.

 Know Who You Are.


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