12th November 2021.

The engine of society is cooperation.

When this does not happen, the society begins to deteriorate. What you are now observing is the failure of many to integrate, to be a working force for the greater wellbeing. During the present times the rights, wishes and interests of the individual are paramount, and, so often, the bigger picture of cohesiveness is lost. This process has come about because modern life now seeks instant gratification and systems have been set up to make easy access to material possessions the norm.

The wheels of justice move slowly. The old attitudes of morality and correct action with mutual respect can be circumvent with anonymity, as people become more isolated from each other. We know from history that there have been great civilisations in the past which have disappeared into the sands of time and generally this has happened due to complacency and corruption.

All the old norms are passing away and uncertainty leads to fear. This is a great test of these times, to remain centred while the old world changes. The media excels in encouraging sensation which often has no bearing on the truth, and the overuse of resources will eventually cause exhaustion, and a period of want will become inevitable.

Material advances have brought great benefits but, unfortunately, lead to high expectation that all this will continue. The world resources are finite, so rethinking will be forced, when so much has been wasted.

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