Group Participation

1st January 2022

 Living a full life requires commitment to play an active part in society.

There are many ways to serve and enhance the life experience of all. It is to add your own unique contribution to work with others towards the growth of consciousness.

What does this mean?

In any group there are those who lead and those who follow. There are those who dominate and overwhelm those who are more uncertain or unconvinced. Each being is here to learn and allow their understanding to develop a clarity to see behind anything presented. To continue unthinking, unquestioning and accepting all is not serving the greater good, neither does remaining silent should profound disagreement is felt. This is not a judgement of right or wrong, but seeking a truth that will serve the greater good.

If motivation is purely personal or selective, advancement denies the need of others. You have to learn to weave and integrate the creative thrust, finding ways without conflict, and this often takes courage for those who are of a less forceful nature. It takes courage to go against the unquestioning herd mentality. You have a source of knowledge and experience drawn from many previous life-times, and by going into the quiet it is possible to find clarity and strength.

A willingness to accept that which you know does not serve is to deny your true self and the group, and delays the process of the raising of consciousness.

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