17th December 2021

The units of power vary in time according to the astrological placement.

The ancient wisdom has been passed down the generations and understood by those who sought the knowledge. Today there are many who have that understanding and are learning to tune into the flow. With this knowledge you can respond and work with the energies, for they have timings and order to assist reception and integration towards the 5th Dimensional reality.

While progress may appear slow, in respect with the overall picture of the development of the Human Race, it has in fact developed dramatic, and expanded exponentially with a creative thrust.

Throughout the world movement comes from the ground up, and climatic changes impel notice and call for action. Each has a part to play, there are no “passengers”, and it is for the individual to look inwards to believe and trust their own higher knowledge.

It is within the additional constraint of karma that this is all worked out with the use of intellect, and not emotion, that bring change into being. The mind is your tool to implement the call of spirit.

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