2nd February 2022

Feb 1st

There is a thatch work of energies interweaving in the current flow of creation. These energies dance together intermingling and are projected by imagination and thought into new concepts. The new picture is always evolving. It is never static or reached a finality.

Energy needs to be productive; it is the raw principle of everything, but once combined and interweaving, thought creates and takes form.

Imagine the weaving of a tapestry, starting with the idea, design, colour, threads, all to be combined with the energy and skill in the weaving, and forming the complexity of the finished article. Different energies are required at each stage to produce the object, and each energy having a different function. There is a final realisation of form.

Even after the tapestry is complete, time will fade it and it will disintegrate back into raw energy again. Its construction will be enjoyed for a while, but the cycles and movement of energy is eternal and all form created will eventually disintegrate, the raw energy will again be released, for nothing is static.

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