23rd December 2021

In a while you will begin to see that the work you are doing is bearing fruit.

Little by little the world is changing and the race of men is beginning the process of awakening. It is easy to argue that human nature is set and will never change, but the Plan has always been the evolution of all vibrations resonating to a higher frequency.

Those who are unable to absorb this new energy will leave the planet to return at another time to continue their own progress.

It is both an individual and a joint task that all are involved with. As individuals rise in consciousness their energies affect others with a domino effect, or radiating circles. No one can stand out and evolve alone; the growth is for all, for you are one.

Do not be despondent when you listen to the World News for by that means you hear mainly that which is negative and ugly. Look around and record the awareness of society living daily lives untouched by much else that is happening. Volunteering will become more evident where it is not service for monetary gain, but recognising a need in society. It goes beyond service to the immediate family or tribe. More are seeing the bigger picture and wish to partake in responding to the greater need.

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