Self confidence

December 3rd 2021

Owning your power is the issue today.

Self-doubt can lead to a denial of your strength, fearing getting things wrong and being responsible for all you do. Fear of criticism and being misunderstood can cause you to hide your light. Each must learn to stand tall in their uniqueness without concern that you will not fit in to the norms of society.

Universal law is that when there is nothing of value to learn, it will be ignored, not relevant at that time. All words or dramatic situations that affect or shock contain a message for you to learn from. Contact with people can be the same. There are those who will leave a mark on you and others who are just “passing ships”. If you are working from highest intent there will be no karmic outcome, and if you upset some people, there will be an inherent gift towards soul growth.

Self-confidence does not automatically refer to vanity or pride, but is an acknowledgement of your true worth. Those who shout loudest are usually insecure, trying to wield power and inflate relevance. With true self-confidence, you can stand tall in silence and clear-sightedness, and truth will emanate from you.

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