3rd January 2022

Simplicity is the route to spirituality.

It does not need fancy robes or crystals or any outward display of intent. Spirituality is a state of being.

While at peace, you are open to the riches of the Universe, able to have access to the font of knowledge that has always been there. The decent into the experience of matter has shielded you so that you seek a way to realise your true self, overcoming restrictions and raising the vibration of all you touch. You have taken on the challenge of realisation in the confusing fog that life in matter has provided and during many lives worked to lighten the darkness of the creative force.

Each life experience has provided the opportunity to work on a particular aspect to reach a refinement of self in that medium, and each challenge is particular to yourself, chosen before birth, organising the correct circumstances which will provide the best opportunity of success, be that family or culture to optimise the lesson. The same lesson may be repeated over several lifetimes and involve family and societal karma.

Because the wisdom of the Universe is so enormous there are many facets to each lesson to accomplish, and of course, many lifetimes towards resolution. When a pattern is repeated, that means that there is another angle to view.

You deal on many levels at the same time. Never doubt that each day your contribution has value in raising of consciousness of the entire planet and the evolution of the race. You would not be here if that were not so, it goes beyond personal to the entirety.

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