State of quiet.

December 1st 2021 With your personal commitment to a short period of quiet time….

With your personal commitment to a short period of quiet time, the awareness of the whole Universe opens up for you. At first, there are expectations of how this should be, but as you learn to relax into the quiet, different thoughts and images appear. This is how communication comes about. It is you who allows the curtain to lift and is not something that is imposed upon you by Higher Dimensions. You reach up, they do not reach down.

That sounds too easy if you have expected it to be something you had to suffer and strive for. It is like sinking into a state of total relaxation to meld with the Universe. Does this sound too grandiose? Not to believe shows how far you have forgotten your roots, your Source.

You are a unit of the great Creative Force, doing your share in the work of raising the vibration of the planet, and as you reclaim the power that is innate in you, the vision of the bigger picture comes into focus. The fact that you are beginning to see and understand this, shows how successful you have been in integrating the new energies.

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