4th December 2021

The issues of control are concerning many at present.

The world is changing before your eyes and so many of the norms are being overthrown with impunity. Respect for tradition no longer holds and there appears to be a free-for-all. Tradition has worked in the past as a control within groups and society in general. Without those structures certainty is lost. So, what will the future offer to create stability?

Without sound structure and agreed limits in whatever form suits the society, trust is lost. Many of the structures in the form of laws and traditions provided a secure understanding of how we jell as a group, functioning with a sense of security and shared values. There is a deviation at play and this is so clear on the world scene. There are those who seek peace, love, and support with mutual cooperation, and those who demand that their will is the only one that matters at all cost. This situation is going to continue and the divide will become more and more marked.

Destruction and division will be ongoing until a common consensus is reached

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