The Dark Night

9th December 2021

In the depth of despair are the seeds of enlightenment.

The soil of life experience is the fuel to draw on as understanding and inspiration feed growth towards the light of understanding. Everyone goes through the dark night in order to be able to recognise the reality of life. And your journey through matter and the physical world

The physical, mental emotional and spiritual challenges came to everyone, and many of these appear to be unsurmountable, to be caught up in battling and war situations can nurture a feeling of hopelessness, victim of the decisions and actions of others who are far away and do not know your are care about you, destroying all you have worked for and value.

How can you handle situations over which you have not control?

When all you have owned and valued and destroyed you have the choice of abandoning efforts to find a way through and remain a victim, or gather your strength and start to build again from the ground up using all resources available. When you look at history you see that people have recovered and prospered through their own effort after the most horrendous categorifies with courage and fortitude and the evidence of the destructions disappears into the sands of time. So it is for all who have suffered from the actions of others, the need to find their own way through to their own enlightenment.

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