The Road

15th December 2021

With the Winter Solstice come the renewal of energy and the coming of the Light.

For eons, in all cultures there has been a celebration during the darkest hours with renewed promise, of plans and increased activity to take advantage of hope and belief in the future.

After these last few years of discord and uncertainty, you look forward to a clearer future. Nothing in life is certain, that is the whole point of creative energy. As you begin to develop a greater sensitivity to those around you the potential of rapid growth is possible, where you sense and empathise and how to interplay with the presentation of many talents creating harmony.

Life does promise to be smoother for those who are sensitive to the energies, so there is weaving and not confrontation with those around you, each finding their own space to be productive. Self-discipline is the key to this, combined with an awareness and respect or others.

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