The Ways of the Spirit

8th December 2021

Learning the ways of spirit to inspire.

You are learning the ways of spirit to inspire those who wish to understand the truth of creation. As you reclaim the knowledge of your own true self, that eternal, immortal self, the power of creation flows through you.

You no longer have your sights on the minutia of human life but recognise how you have used the human form as a tool of evolution, and can lighten up all response to the trials and tribulations that the experience of being human has taught you. For so long the overall true reality has eluded you, that your true nature is spirit, and pity can be felt for those who continue to play with restriction and control in such limiting ways. The sense of disempowerment has been the result, and each soul must find their own way back to the light of truth. All will come to it in their own time, and each challenge is a life given opportunity to investigate the lesson inherent. The lessons can be very hard and ongoing and will often continue a full span, until they finally cry out for release.

That is usually when there comes the recognition that many trials can show the seeds to the route of release, realising that you are not victims, but have been tested to the full extent you are capable of coping with. This is a time of courage. Not to strive is to remain a captive to whatever you are here to learn, and many different paths can be taken in order to reclaim your own power and be free. All tests are hard and can take all possible forms, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, and ultimately it is up to you to secure your release. Seeking blame or looking for a rescuer obfuscates your own power and delays the release.

With eyes wide open you will recognise the truth behind everything and not be misled by those who wish to control. Think for yourself with mildness and humility, for there is not just one answer but a universe of possibility.

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