2nd January 2022

What is the use of Spiritual Work when so many appear to reject anything that does not feature worldly values, and regards the concept of love and light as woolly minded and weak?

Throughout history there have been seers and prophets of spirituality to teach us, but it is in the baser nature of man to be drawn to control and dominate, using violence as a way to reflect their value and lesser instincts. There are few recordings of peaceful tribes and cultures which have survived for eons, but are regarded now as primitive and undeveloped, hence easily destroyed through greed and profit.

For many it is only in sentimental moments that the concept of emulating those native cultures, who have lived together in harmony isolated from the rampant thirst for expansion or riches, is seen of as a dream for the weak minded, but not regarded as possible for modern times and the technically advanced people of the world.

Underlying it all is a deep longing for simplicity, but not at the cost of losing any of the present advantages technology has given. While undervaluing gentleness and kindness there is a deep yearning for peace, but trust is lacking, that without striving and winning there is no survival. There are those who regard the Spiritual Path as naïve and simplistic because it has not financial value.

How can this change? What will create change?

Unfortunately, only dramatic shocks will bring a reality check, when all the “monuments of success” are so easily toppled, leaving ashes of those things the world has valued. From that destruction society is forced to work together for the common good or perish. Division ceases to have meaning when seeking to survive, and unless united by a spiritual understanding more destruction could continue.

This is not inevitable, freewill and choices can make a difference and requires all to take part with the spirit of cooperation. So often, true value is not recognised till there has been removal, as children learn when privilege is withdrawn.

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