7th January 2022

Being in tune with the vibrations of the Universe brings many material advantages.

To be receptive to information that is always available means that you can cease feeling alone, or having to cope with life in a state of blindness and sometimes panic. Inner peace is always there if you allow yourself to be available and personally responsible to access it for yourself, by giving yourself space each day for inner development.

Often it seems easier to deny yourself that time during the day to have a period of quiet, while relying on sleep to rejuvenate the mind and body. To rest the mind while fully conscious is the way to allow that clarity which will bring inner peace. By filling every moment with activity and distraction creates stress to the body, which becomes so overwhelmed with fatigue that you are unable to sleep at night. Balance is all that is required.

Learn, to Be and not just to Do.

In every day there will be times when you can concentrate on yourself and your own wellbeing.

Be still and know that “I am god”

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