23rd January 2022

The month of October was the time when the initial initiating energies started to flow towards the planet. From that time a sense that new movement is happening, bringing confidence towards the resolution of many personal problems.

With the turning of the year new emphasis is enlightening the buried problems that have restricted the ability to move forwards towards resolution. It is like clearing out the cupboards of dark corners that have been neglected or forgotten in the business of daily life.

To reach clarity there has to be a resolution of old issues and avoidance that have limited progress.

Clarity comes only when the mind is clear of obstructive ideas and attitudes that have restricted vision. Imagine the mind needing to have a shower to clear away dirt and dust in order to feel clean.

This is why we suggest those periods of quiet meditation, so the busy mind can rest and learn to relax to clear away bothersome thoughts. To move into 5th Dimensional experience, it cannot tolerate the negative and distorted attitudes of 3rd Dimension. Just as with baptism, the past is symbolically washed away and you are born again.

It will be through your own efforts that this can happen. There is nothing to “lift” you out of the old in order to raise your vibration. The old must dissolve and allow the inflow of the new. Old thoughts and attitudes are a burden which you no longer need.

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