Planetary Life

13th February 2022

During the annuls of time the realisation that you are not alone has universally been a given. On all the planets life has developed and created new and individual forms according to the inherent environment.

Life is multi-dimensional and generally not seen with the human eye, non-the-less is able to communicate with you through your other senses.

As the Awakening continues the ability to resonate with other life forms will develop.

The concept of “Little Green Men” is a misnomer. The Human Race is now ready for communication across the galaxy so that eventually there will be a unifying force.

As the human need for competition and conflict ceases, it will be more ready to accept the contact without fear.

You may first become aware of contact in your dreams when resistance is not blocked by logic. It will be a slow process from a human perspective, but a flash in space from a cosmic point of view. Keep records of your dreams if you feel this is happening and share when you feel it is comfortable to do so.

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