Life Purpose

15th February 2022.

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15th February 2022

The Service to the Universe takes many forms but at the heart of it all is love. This love is not sentimental but the unconditional flow of honour, respect, trust and allowing of all to find a way to express the highest good in all that is done. The mere fact that what is done can appear destructive and cruel does not mean that this isn’t an aspect of human potential.

Each being has unique and individual talents that are necessary for the human experience, exploring all potential that can be created while in human form. The possibilities are limitless and the tapestry is woven continually through the interplay of talents that each being brings. This weaving of experiences dances throughout time and will never cease.

Just Being is service in itself as you wake each day to new challenges and experiences, even if these seem mundane and unsignifying.  They will form part of the warp and weft through your contacts and activities creating choices and meetings which will affect expression. You never know what each day will lead to or how it will end.  No two days are exactly alike, even when you feel you are on a tread-mill. Waiting is also part of the experience.

While interacting with fellow travellers in life you are also working together using the material and inanimate forms to create with, experimenting in the potential uses to be applied

Human life itself is Service and each day has a significance.

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