Unbridled Light

26th March 2022

In between the forces of light is a sub-stratum which joins the infinite to matter. It pursues the ways of mass into form and is picked up by the human eye, but unrecognised by many. This is the force known as Unbridled Light. It is not the same as sunlight which is readily picked up by the physical body, but by the brain through the intuition.

While many are beginning to resonate with this, they may not be aware of its influence. The manifestations will become more apparent as the years progress. This Universal Energy is enabling people into the Higher Consciousness more easily, and is in accordance with the evolution of humanity.

While you are unaware of this process the adjustment will happen and bring a liberalisation of the restrictions of thought. There needs to be freeing up of those thought patterns which restrict the mind to the enormous possibilities available to you;  and to loose the fear of using those thoughts as a tool available to you in the process of creation within the human sphere. Great change is afoot, and as you begin to recognise the shift within yourself….just relax.

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