5th April 2022

If you believe that life does have purpose, then believe that all delays and upsets can serve.

The human condition asks for instant satisfaction, which does not necessarily assist growth. The periods of waiting can often seem too long to maintain any trust in fruition; that you just have to accept that nothing will ever happen or ever change, and acceptance is all you have. It is hard not to despair, feeling you must accept that desires and dreams can never be realises, that things happen for others but not for you.

Your higher self knows all. When it appears to fail to magnetise your desires, there is a reason and a purpose. When life appears to deal nothing but disappointment and pain, it is a period of testing and adjustment, challenging your focus, reason, decision, then right action. The challenges can come in many guises and on all levels, financial, emotional, and physical, plus many others and all are there to assist the growth of soul awareness.

Detachment is desirable but not easy to achieve. Time appears to create a sense of pressure.

Detachment is the great discipline with life in the material plane, for disintegration and “death” is inevitable with all things here, and effort is needed even to maintain the status quo.

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