12th April 2022

At present there is much concern about the future. In the last few years here has been so much disruption in the material world that the future is becoming more unpredictable.

There are those who feel positively, believing that a major change is what is needed in a World that is so corrupt, and others who are fearful that the end of all that is familiar is impending.

You are living through the Ending of an Age and disruption and destruction is inevitable. Indeed, all that is familiar is passing for the energies now are promoting movement. It is like a “pot being stirred”.

Climate and earth shift is happening. Nothing has any certainty.

Eventually, all will settle. Necessity, expectation and thinking will create a new paradigm. It will be imperative to concentrate on new ways and will bring a Renaissance.

Be positive about the future. Mankind has always been adaptable and inventive, and the challenges will stretch the creative mind.

Some of the challenges will be harsh and distressing from a human point of view, but will provide the motivation necessary.

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