Power of the mind

23rd April 2022

While there is hostility and fear, fighting will continue.

Channelling light and love consciously, projecting the thoughts with the mind is the service that can be done in the quiet of your own home.

There is a rising movement of awakening that is growing in strength, and through the projection of thought can overcome the darkness that is fighting back.

Learning to recognise and understand the power of thought is where you are at. Belief that you can do nothing undermines trust in your abilities.

Many different Powers have convinced you that you have no strength, and obedience is what is required of you to justify your existence.

Learning to see through to the clarity of your divine identity has been a tortuous journey in the awakening of humanity, and to overthrow this learned behaviour handed down through the generation is what you are doing.

These restrictive mindsets will clear to reveal the truth of creation, to understand the part each one plays in the process of awakening

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