8th May 202

 Energy shifts and flows through space to be used to assist the evolution and the growth of creation. It is an ever flowing phenomenon, eternal and consistent

Life manifests in many different forms throughout the whole of the universe. There is no such thing as a dead planet. Each body forms a function of creation and life. Those things which are seen and observed from the human perspective, the same applies to that which is unseen and in another dimension.

All space teems with Life, and each dimension is flowing to it’s own Plan. Through each dimension there are also energies which oversee and assist the enfoldment of that Plan.

During the changes which are now in progress you will become more aware of the thing of which we speak. Growth has to happen; you cannot remain in the same place for ever. An awakening is in process, old habits must be overcome in order to function within the new energies. Recognising only those things which have true value.

To view previous channellings, click on The-Well-Spring in top corner of the page.

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