Moving forward

11th May 2022

It is the time to move forward in the process of evolving consciousness on this planet and all the material dimension. It is becoming more apparent that there is a meeting of dimensions at work. Crop Circles are an evidence of this.

Ways will be found for you to reach across the close dimensions to facilitate cooperation with different life forms. 

Be prepared to open up and speak to others to raise their interest. Many are becoming aware of change but unable to form words to explain the phenomena they are receiving.

Lift your heart to the words that come forth and inspect the meaning and resonance it creates in you. Love all who come your way and endeavour to curb criticism and judgement.  Many changes are happening and people have difficulty expressing them, but do need encouragement.

Bless and praise all as the wonderful manifestations of life. Be still within yourself as you perceive new insights.

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