17th July 2022

The seeds of tomorrow are already to be seen, there is a greater Plan unfolding rapidly. Disruption is the path leading to construction. The new cannot come about without sweeping away the old. 

In the mist of collapse and resulting rubble of old worn out limiting ways and corrupt systems, glimpses of the new can be seen. For tolerance of the controlling of individual rights is not longer be acceptable. All are seeking the freedom of expression of their individuality.

Be at peace when you hear of wars and carnage. Historically you see how something new will come from any destruction. The human spirit will always find a way to bring about something new and improving from the human perspective. 

What is more important is the growth in understanding and realisation of the creativeness of the soul within  the experience, with all the tools and resources available at any given moment.

So many scientific invention have become available and need to be developed  with respect for the planet and humanity. Wisdom to use all resources needs to be employed. These are indeed momentous times for humanity. With the inflow of new energies, a great wave of growth is in progress.

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