6th Septmber 2022

Day by day you hear of conflict and discord everywhere and problems seem insurmountable with not resolution in sight. A sense of futility is pervading, that everything is getting worse.

Is there a way through to create balance in the world where men will live and work together with mutual respect without rivalry and mistrust?

All the while you look only at the world picture you can miss the individual contribution made quietly behind the scene in you daily life and the interactions with those closest to you. If you continue to perpetuate strife with self-justification, nothing changes. Once the light of empathy and understanding is there, forgiveness comes, and peace and healing are the outcome. This empathy comes from your own state of inner peace as you awaken to universal understanding.

The analogy of the drop of water into a lake sending out multiple ripples is often used, and it is through simple acts of kindness and understanding that cooperation sends ripples of healing. This is how the world will change.

Each individual will have a profound effect in raising the consciousness and vibration of the planet into the 5th Dimensional reality.

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