New Energies

25th September 2022

As the World spins, new energies are swirling to enable the lifting of the negative and destructive impulses that have dominated the consciousness for so long.

The sense of weakness, impotence and inevitability that many have, in the face of those in power, has encouraged feelings of unworthiness and victimhood. That the few will always dominated the many.

In the stillness of your quiet times the realisation of your personal power will blossom. This is how the Awakening will happen. It will not be with the desire for revenge but with the courage to stand tall and confront injustice.

The potential of the Aquarian Age is humanitarian and righteous, but unless this is held in check, can also lead to strong authoritarianism which would overlook personal rights. To find the balance of love and personal freedom, resistance to totalitarian thought patterns is the challenge in front of you.

As individuals awaken to their true identity, these authoritarian tendencies can be control with clarity of vision, when each beings works towards a united goal; each able to express in their individual way, bringing colour, variety and joy.

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