1st October 2022

At present, while your knowledge of the nature of the Universe is limited, your true self is held perpetually in the expanded consciousness of creation.

Consciousness and knowledge are in the process of integration with the minds of the Human Race. Your scientists know that much of the capacity of brain is not used, but will be with the coming of the new energies increasing the potential of understanding with expansion into a higher consciousness.

The process is slow enough for the new energies to integrate comfortably and felt by the individual during their periods of quiet meditation. It works best while awake requiring your active participation; intergration while asleep would be a violation of your free will, so the invitation must come from you.

The effects will increase a sense of inner peace and acceptance of the changes happening, with an increased sense of detachment from the irrational behaviour affecting many, and a deeper understanding of the cosmic plan.

You are beginning to move away from the purely physical world into a new dimension of possibility.

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