26th October 2022

There are celebrations for all who allow the impulse of new energies assist in the raising of consciousness. These energies can only influence you when free choice is involved.

Pleasure can be found in the certainty and joy of union with the greater company of awakened souls who understanding the truth of their existence, that All is One in the ongoing process of creation.

To have been veiled from the truth has been the trial for humanity, and through many incarnations you clawed a way through the restrictions posed by matter to have an awakening to the Light of Spirit and the resultant raising of consciousness.

Workers of the Light have been assigned the task of raising the energies through their individual intent and effort to bring forth new perspectives of reality to the joint consciousness of the planetary system currently formed.

The human mind cannot grasp the reality of timelessness or infinity, yet each has been working from the initial inception of Earthly Life to partake in the experiment of raising the planetary consciousness.

Each took part in the seeding and development of humanity, testing and refining  potentials through many lives to the present moment of  ‘time’, when the planet is ready to deal with the Shift that is happening now.

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