26th November 2022

Prayers do get answered, but not necessarily in accordance to your wishes. The energy you create is sent out and flows in accordance with the needs and wellbeing of the recipient. If you have a judgement about the desired effect it can appear that the prayers do not get answered.

Throughout an incarnation there’s an overall plan to assist growth and evolution which can appear to be random. What may seems to be a disaster from a human perspective, may be a necessary experience that has to be played out, so that the ultimate resolution produces an acquisition of insight and knowledge, not just for the individual, but for the collective as well.

From the human perspective this can seem cruel and unforgiving, but all things do eventually reach a resolution and change occurs, bringing growth and awareness to the collective consciousness. Each Being plays a unique part in the process.

Often you can only see the smaller intimate picture and are unwilling to accept that gains are made from every trial you experience. But the energy that is generated through prayer will ease the burden, because love is the motivation.

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