The Karmic Path

4th January 2023

As you make your way forward new thoughts and words will be coming into your mind which will reveal a deeper comprehension of your place within the scheme of things.

The changing energies are affecting everyone differently and depending on their particular mission, will illuminate an awareness to all according to their nature.

There is a general belief that an incarnation is for the growth of the individual, and judgements made on performance. But you are now realising that through all the trials there is a higher mission at work regarding the balancing and harmonising of energies.

Your magnificence had been submerged in density and been working through the pettiness and constriction of the material world, rather like the knight fighting through a forest of brambles to release the prize.

Conflicting energies and impulses have pulled you through many life-times impeding progress as you learn to find Mastery in the 3rd Dimension. You eventually move beyond the rational of survival to an awakening of raised vibrations.

The karmic path has not been one of reward and punishment but an attempt to achieve harmony and balance through every possibility.

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