The Observer

7th January 2023

Learning to relax into the stillness of your Inner Being is the way to achieve clarity.  All the while there is a need to manipulate an outcome, whatever your motives, means that you continue to play with density. With clarity the way forward becomes apparent and your life will flow through all the obstacles and challenges that come your way.

You know that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and with each action it is well to understand the likely response. If you have achieved a state of inner peace with yourself, you are on the way to cope joyfully with whatever life throws at you without the need to control.

To be prepared to stand back and not engage may be sound like weakness and surrender, but further pain and disappointment is likely when fighting an immovable force. Timing is everything. With that inner stillness and clarity, a way will be found to reach a satisfactory outcome with all you confront.

Once you are able to regard your life as that of an observer, all that you see, feel, sense and experience can be handed with detachment and compassion, never indifference.

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