Self Healing

17th February 2023

Self healing is not limited or restricted to avatars or special people. This potential has always been within you. It is possible to bring about regeneration of the physical body once you cease to regard that ability as wishful thinking.

Currently society tend to seek healing only from outside agencies be they doctors or therapists; they do indeed offer great service and experts in certain field will always be necessary. But for much of daily living, personal responsibility is essential in order to maintain a balanced physical body.

Once you are cognisant of your own personal power and potential, you are able to embrace the concept that you do continue to create the physical conditions that will eventually assist in the growth of self consciousness, and through the process of healing many lessons are learnt.

There is much information available of light, sound, colour, minerals and herbs that can assist and act as catalysts in the medicinal process, and self healing is an innate power.

Many health problems are related to the lessons you came to learn and master. Understanding this is a major area of work for all who are are seeking self awareness and the raising of consciousness. Pills and potions have their place in the healing process, but ultimately self healing is within the ability of everyone who accepts the knowing of their own divine nature.

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