Self Reliance

7th March 2023

There is a difference between egotistical self reliance and going your own way, and cooperation within a team, working to use your talents to enhance with personal responsibility dedicated to the common good.

When coping with personal problems you need to be clear of the desired outcome and aware of the ramifications, because all decisions and actions may initiate both “good” and “bad” influence the lives of others, and a willingness to see things through to a desired outcome and clarity of intent. 

Relying on others to sort out your problems is to give your power away.

While living in a society everything that happens affects others, and provided you work from Higher Intension the outcome will be to the betterment of all.

Every Being has a Life Plan and will be working along that path. With self reliance you take responsibility when weaving that path through obstacles and barriers. Trust in the self is needed with a recognition of the rights of others, and a fine balance is always called for. If you wait for others to guide those decisions and tell you what to do, it indicates the lack of trust in self and your own inner knowing.

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