5th December 2021

Tune in to your spiritual self.

The factors for allowing the energies to flow are so simple.

Spiritual awareness is innate in everyone and an openness, to trust and relax into a quiet state, is all that there is to it. Though many require music, incense and crystals to bring about a meditative state, it is not absolutely necessary. Some will suggest that you have to perform a ritual or specific action to meditate. There are those who find it hard and get upset with themselves if their head seems to have “a mind of its own” which they can’t control, and it won’t be still.

Just give yourself a short period of time daily to just sit and be quiet, eliminating outside distractions if possible. That is all that is required. Maybe a prayer will help. Over a few days, as the practice becomes a pattern, you will become aware that you are going deeply into yourself and the feeling will be pleasant. Sometimes you may fall asleep and that is good too as relaxation will rejuvenate you.

Each finds their own way to tune into their spiritual self which suits their nature. Owning your own unique identity is how you become aware of the power you have to action. Creation can take many forms and levels. It is expressed through diverse activities. You create through the senses, perceiving, speech, touch, taste, hearing and thought; and through these means you bring something new into being.

Self confidence

December 3rd 2021

Owning your power is the issue today.

Self-doubt can lead to a denial of your strength, fearing getting things wrong and being responsible for all you do. Fear of criticism and being misunderstood can cause you to hide your light. Each must learn to stand tall in their uniqueness without concern that you will not fit in to the norms of society.

Universal law is that when there is nothing of value to learn, it will be ignored, not relevant at that time. All words or dramatic situations that affect or shock contain a message for you to learn from. Contact with people can be the same. There are those who will leave a mark on you and others who are just “passing ships”. If you are working from highest intent there will be no karmic outcome, and if you upset some people, there will be an inherent gift towards soul growth.

Self-confidence does not automatically refer to vanity or pride, but is an acknowledgement of your true worth. Those who shout loudest are usually insecure, trying to wield power and inflate relevance. With true self-confidence, you can stand tall in silence and clear-sightedness, and truth will emanate from you.

State of quiet

December 1st 2021

With your personal commitment to a short period of quiet time,

the awareness of the whole Universe opens up for you. At first, there are expectations of how this should be, but as you learn to relax into the quiet, different thoughts and images appear. This is how communication comes about. It is you who allows the curtain to lift and is not something that is imposed upon you by Higher Dimensions. You reach up, they do not reach down.

That sounds too easy if you have expected it to be something you had to suffer and strive for. It is like sinking into a state of total relaxation to meld with the Universe. Does this sound too grandiose? Not to believe shows how far you have forgotten your roots, your Source.

You are a unit of the great Creative Force, doing your share in the work of raising the vibration of the planet, and as you reclaim the power that is innate in you, the vision of the bigger picture comes into focus. The fact that you are beginning to see and understand this, shows how successful you have been in integrating the new energies.

Belief in self

28th November 2021

Belief in self is always a challenge.

While feeling separated from Source during a life in matter, the connection appears to be non-existent. The sheer density of matter overwhelms the subtlety of the divine source. It has to be your endeavour to crawl through all the potential that is offered by the physical world that the soul is able to learn from the challenges and this strengthens the creativity that is inherent in all beings.

The chakras are confronted one by one with the raising of energy. The flow increases in availability with each life, and the objective is to refine the vibration. There is a purpose to it all, and the way to realize it is by giving yourself those quiet times by going in on yourself and be still. That is the easiest way to feel reconnected to the Source. Working in the physical plane is the current purpose, to channel the high frequency energies into matter and this will increase the vibration of the planet towards the evolution of the human race and matter in tandem.

We mentioned before that there is a musical note with rises and falls through the chakras, so the clearer those chakras are the higher the frequency becomes, and this energy emanates from you.


November 23rd 2021

You cannot go back to a state of unknowing.

Progress forward needs the accumulation of knowledge, learning to recognise connections and formulating new ways, with the wisdom accrued,; this takes many lifetimes and each being is growing towards the new formulation of destiny.

For those who choose to ignore their own power and rely on the opinions of others (who shout the loudest) are destined to remain in ignorance and servitude. It takes courage to move away from herd mentality, just to feel they belong.

The spiritual path is a lonely one and wanders into unknown regions and this can be hard to endure. In that loneliness, you are learning to trust your own thoughts and intuition to guide you, and it is like moving through a fog. Here you have to listen inwardly to avoid the hazards, trusting yourself alone to guide you. There are false prophets.

The human mind is used to limitation so to break through into new thinking can cause you to question and doubt. Unconventional ideas often lead to ‘aloneness’, for there appears to be so few who understand. They will criticise, trying to pull you back into the familiar thought patterns. Families are often the hardest to break way from, for they will feel threatened if you stray from the family philosophy and norms and they regard any deviation as a betrayal. To lose family support can be very hard.

The consolation is that you will eventually meet like-minded individuals who will provide the reassurance needed to continue towards your new horizons.

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