27th December 2021

What is asked for at this time is comfort and certainty with the present world situation.

So much that has been relied on is failing, and the inability to make positive decisions and plans is causing much distress. For the short term this disruption will continue and it is up to the individual to play their part to shorten this experience, taking personal responsibility and accepting help that is available.

Knowing that this disruption is here to help humanity by exposing corruption and reveal anything that does not serve humanity, the seeds of the new are being formulated. The effort is for everyone to take part in creating new thinking and actively participate while living their own lives by their highest ideal.

With inner peace, which leads to clear thinking, comes right action in any situation that is testing. In that stillness comes a clarity of understanding, so that resolutions which will enhance can be formulated. There are some problems that will not be resolved to your liking but are the concern of others, so with detachment without indifference, you accept their decisions. There are times to release engagement from concerns that are not yours to deal with, for it is not for you to know the paths others are following. Loving acceptance will release distress.

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