Moving Forward

28th December 2021

The wheels are turning and the years spin by.

Each year offers new challenges, new joys, all giving you opportunities to grow in wisdom and understanding with a clarity of thought and self-realisation. The path you are on is that of self-discovery, and reactions both physical and emotional act as registers of what is true for you.

Each person has a unique path to follow and outside influences reflect truths whether you like them or not. Regard the world with stillness, observe behaviour and your response to external forces.

With the natural world there is simplicity. Each species acts according to its own nature without judgement or self-doubt, and without hinderance will run its preordained course. The difference with man is free will. That involves the call to make choices. With clarity, nurturing decisions are made, but if self-serving is the motive, limits result on the evolution of consciousness.

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