A Constant Drip

What you wish for is that all men will see the light and peace will reign. That will never happen when functioning with 3rd Dimensional mentality where striving is the main motivation.

When looking at the world at present, the task of raising consciousness appears to be a forlorn hope. Many will play lip-service to the desire for peace, but few are willing to put this into practice if they believe there is little advantage in it.  Money is to be made from discord and the means of defence.

The change will grow from the commitment of Light Workers to put principle into practice consistently, despite the discouragement of the apparent failure to see any change happening.

Remember that the continual drips of water will eventually wear away stone. That is how the work is done, through your constant commitment of opening yourself up to channel light through your being. Your free-will and request are required for this to happen, and cannot happen without your consent. In so doing you serve yourself with your service to the planet. The work will be slow but it will happen.

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