11th January 2022

In the spring will come the bursting of new life and renewed hope. Behind are the storms and tempest associated with the dark nights and winter months.

The analogy here can be used in the lives of men as they move towards enlightenment.

Each soul goes through many experiences which will blow and buffet them in all directions, trying to find a path through to a state of relief and stillness. The storms will have eroded and stripped bare much of what was previously sought and valued. What is left when the tempest has passed are the bare bones that have endured. Only those things that have a firm foundation and true value remain.

It is during the journey through life each will battle the storms coming from all direction, physical, mental and emotional. They will strip away so much, and leave only the remains that have survived, feeling weary to the deepest part of yourself.

Through enduring all this you become heroes who have survived the battle and are able to put down the tools of conflict and allow peace to dominate. Each trial and battle challenge your very essence, and the more willing you are to confront the issues involved, the greater the growth will be.

After the winter storms in your life comes the blossoming of Spring with the energy to move forward. The hero’s prize is inner belief and self-confidence.

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