The Body

13th January 2021

In the pit of the stomach much information is received. To assume that communication comes only to the mind is an error. The expression “gut feeling” is just as valid as any other intuitive sense, and often more easily recognised as a guide.

Your whole body is receptive to information that is received daily, and even pain and discomfort will tell you something. When in pain, physical, emotional and mental, you will often refer to someone who has expertise in a specific field, but ultimately the final decision will be your own when accepting guidance.

Be aware of your whole physical being is serving you during your journey to self-discovery.  It will enable you to allow your own consciousness to develop to a clarity of existence, and is the purpose of the journey through matter. The entire physical form is subject to the divine spark that is you. In so doing, you raise the physical matter into 5th Dimensional reality and your divinity will shine through.

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