14th January 2022

The understanding of equality is a goal during your time living in matter, recognising that all are created equal. Although everyone has different talents and strengths, the contribution each individual makes has equal value in their contribution to the raising of consciousness, whether leaders or followers.

All the while judgements of each other continues there will be divisions, and the unity is delayed.

Insecurity and a lack of self-understanding is a root cause of this. The seeds are sown during childhood and form the basis of the main lessons to be worked on throughout a lifetime. Through family experiences many issues come up and are faced by the individual members as they adjust to each other in relationship. By family we do not mean just biological connections, but any group that forms for any length of time in bonds of reliance.

The family is a microcosm, so it works in that domain reflecting the larger society. Rivalries and judgements are most intimate in this sphere and contain the most profound lessons to be experienced, where each is learning to feel they have equal value to the group. All the while there are any judgments, conflict will continue creating separation and division.

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