16th January 2022

In the mean time life as you know it continues, yet subtle changes happen and are rarely noticed by society at large. Prayers for peace are said around the globe yet fighting continues.

Will the world change from the madness of conflict?

After this recent period, when the world stopped for that brief period of time, a vision of possibility revealed itself. You were able to see that nature could recover quite quickly if many activities ceased, and the skies and waters cleared.

Through the memory of these happenings there is encouragement that all things are possible if the will is there.

While society slowly reactivate after a period of separation, go gently as you reformulate structures and interconnections. New thinking is at work and new ideas are distilling.

Have faith in the future that holds more promise than you can yet imagine. A tipping point has been reached for the Family of Man towards the raising of consciousness. With eyes to see, you will recognise that real change is happening.

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