The Mind

18th January 2022                                    

In the minds of man is the facility that formulates judgements both positive and negative. It is in the thinking that life is formulated, of how you confront the journey of your life.

Belief systems can be imposed by the society of how life should be regarded and lived, and can even be a barrier to free thought. Your own sense of self identity can decide whether life is a challenge to be overcome, or as the victim of outside forces and the “winds of fortune and chance”.

Belief and knowledge are different things. By regularly allowing yourself that period of personal space and quiet, a clarity can be formulated on how to regard the daily happenings. Without giving yourself space each day, circumstances can sometimes appear to overwhelm. Tragedies can happen to everyone, testing you to the limits of enduring, and all the while victim consciousness dominates, little will change.

Learning to still and control the mind is the only way through the times of trial.

Appreciate also the times of joy and celebration equally with times of pain, for while living with matter, life will be a roller-coaster, and if balance of the mind is achieved, the negotiation will be productive to the growth of the soul.

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