19th January 2022

The source of all matter is to be found in the buzzing energy of thought. Sound is created with the thought, which gels into form. Creation always starts with the thought and imagination. As man evolved over aeons of time, the ability to control and manipulate developed, due to the eternal flow of “time”, things evolve and reform with the growth of imagination.

During one life time on the planet, the concepts you deal with are but specks of dust, insignificant of themselves, but important due to the interconnectedness of the creative force working with the Law of Attraction.

It takes unimaginable periods for each form to evolve, and will continue to do so into infinity. The more aware you become, the consciousness has greater control and raises energies to a higher frequency. All this is limitless and the flow of creation will never cease.

In the stillness of a moment, some vision of the magnificence may be seen by you, with the understanding of the creative being that you are. The Mind of God is in all things that have physical manifestation.

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