20th January 2022

What is now needed in the ability to empathise with those who are suffering. The world you have known is changing and will never return to what you have previously regarded as normal. It has left many floundering in uncertainly, wishing for a level of normality which was never truly stable.

Change has happened too quickly for some, and a resistance to go with the flow is the reason they are suffering.

Having forgotten their true identity as powerful eternal spirit, there are those who regard themselves as victims to outside forces and those in authority, and it is easier to blame other for their unhappiness while living with the results of their own actions or inactions. Whatever circumstances they live with, whether physical, social or economic restrictions, they can do something to help themselves.

Yes, there will always be challenges to be confronted by everyone. That is the purpose of incarnation. There will always be political instability which cause much grief, but the individual has to make their own choice in such circumstances, as to what is the right action for themself.

Violence only leads to violence and is never the answer. Clear thought and positive action will provide the answer. Just as many are coping well with the changing times, there are those who are not. Critical judgment can cripple those who are floundering and does not support them; only empathy, kindness and understanding will………… and the creativity that is innate in everyone will find a way through.

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