21st January 2022

The purpose of this channelling is to bring information that will help the understanding of this period of incarnation.

All here now have volunteered to partake in the changes. There are those who are to be proactive and others who are here to obstruct and challenge. It is with the tensions that come about that awakening happens, forcing action out of inertia.

The struggle for growth only happens when it looks like comfort is threatened.

Complacency is easy if you are half awake. It is through struggle that ensure change will happen, and the challenge of these times is to find solutions that do not rely on conflict. Physical conflict leads only to destruction and enduring resentment.

Now is the time to stretch the mind to solutions that bring consensus.

Human nature at its worse strikes without thought, and expects instant gratification; and consequences are not considered. The physical world is suffering under the strain of abuse, when greed and gratification are the only goal, without long-term thought.

You are asked to become truly aware of all that is around, and equally responsible for your own footprint.

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